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I have personally ate at all the restaurants listed here, and am not paid for advertising any of them nor do they even know they are listed here. All reviews are my personal opinion. Listed below are the best restaurants in Dayton, Ohio

charlies deli Charlies Deli is one of the best sandwhich shops i have ever been to. I have tried allmost every sandwhich on the menu and have never been disapointed. If i had to vote i would probably say they have the best sandwhichs in Dayton. My personal favorites are the U2, Erie Coast Hoagie, Frat, and the Ruben, all on sub buns. They have great cabbage rolls, and a very good selection of beer, and of course are they are the only german deli in Dayton.
5th street wind and deli 5th Street Wine and Deli has some very unique and delicious sandwhiches. My favorite sandwhich is called the pig kahuna, if you read the ingredients you will probably think yeah right but once you bite into it you will realize it is one of the best creations ever. They are located in the heart of the oregon district the info is on there website.
white lotus White Lotus believe it or not even though they are a thai restaurant they have the best cheese burger in Dayton. It is called the yummy burger and is by far the best tasting burger i have yet to eat at any restaurant. I do believe the recipe was handed down from back when it was the white tower, and originally called a butter burger i am not 100% on that but i do know it is the best in the city.
mamma disalvos Mamma Disalvos is one of the only places to get authentic italian food in all of Dayton, they are one of my all time favorite places to eat, and i have never had something i did not like from there. They have a restaurant, and a deli. I personally always eat in the deli and my favorite thing to get is the salami roll, egg plant, or the pizza. Also they are the only place in the whole city to get a real hand filled cannoli.
oregon express Oregon Express has one of the most creative, and tasteful pizzas around. Believe it or not they have a ruben pizza that is amazing, when i was first told of it i thought no way but once i tried it my mind was blown. I have not tried much else on there menu because every time i go i order the ruben pizza because it is so good.
Marion Piazza Marions Piazza Has by far the best thin crust pizza in the whole world, it is hard to compare 2 totally different kinds of pizza to one another but as far as thin crust pizza gos they are the best. Try the super cheese deluxe, or the pepperoni they are both excellent, and they have great sandwhiches like the tuna boat, deluxe steak, or mushroom steak. There pizza is so good they spell it differently.
hoagies pizza Hoagies Pizza It is hard to put hoagies in a category with any other pizza because they are quite uniuqe as far as hand tossed, pan, or thin either way it is one of the best pizzas in the world hands down. It has a little thicker dough so as far as thicker dough pizza they are the best. I always get the pepperoni with extra sauce, and extra cheese, they also have a sub called the spider that is excellent.
Jay's Seafood Jay's Seafood is a very up scale restaurant, seafood is always pricey no matter where you go but when you get your food and taste it you will realize it is worth every penny. I get the calamary, swordfish, scallops, and shrimp every bit of it is the best. They also have a bar but drinks can get real pricey.

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